1. These terms of business apply to all services and/or goods provided by Broughton Restorations, also referred to in these terms as “we” or “us”. Broughton Restorations and James Broughton are business names of Broughton Restorations.

2. Before any restoration project is agreed to be done, we will where reasonably possible provide a quotation which may be in writing or oral. If no quotation was able to be provided, our charges will be based on the cost of materials and time, based on our standard hourly rates. Hourly rates will be notified to you upon your request.
If the project requires work or materials which could not reasonably have been foreseen when we provided any such quotation, our charges will be based on the cost of additional materials and/or time, based on standard hourly rates.

3. Where requested we will provide estimated completion dates but unless agreed in writing, these cannot be guaranteed. We will not be liable in any event if completion dates are not able to be met.

4. We always endeavour to work to the highest professional standards consistent with the quality of the piece concerned and the agreed approach to its restoration. We consider that a job is finished only once we are satisfied that we have achieved these standards.
It is in the nature of period furniture that changes may continue to happen after it has left our workshops. We are willing to carry out what we consider to be reasonable remedial work free of charge, in our discretion, but we will not be liable for any changes in the condition of a piece after it has left our workshop.

5. All work is taken on, on the basis that pieces are delivered to and collected from our workshop by you or your carrier, unless otherwise agreed by us, in which case we will make additional charges for such delivery and/or collection.

6. Payment will be due upon submission of our invoice, which will be prepared and sent to you once the piece is ready for collection. We do not have extensive storage space and therefore ask that the piece is collected no later than two weeks after we have notified you that it is ready, failing which we reserve the right to make additional storage charges.
A piece can be released for collection only once our invoice has been paid in full and funds have cleared into our account, until when we have a legal lien over such piece.
If an invoice is not paid within 90 days of submission, we have the right to sell the piece concerned through an auction local to us and to recoup the amount due to us from the proceeds of such sale.
We are not currently VAT registered and will endeavour to notify you if that changes, but if and to the extent that VAT is required to be charged, it will be additional to any quotation or hourly rates which we have previously provided to you.

7. If we agree to provide you with a condition report we will first notify you of our fee for so doing. We will provide our reasonable opinion, based on our own extensive experience and expertise, but cannot accept any liability if at the time or subsequently you or anyone else has a different opinion. Any condition report so provided will be for your use only, should not form the basis for any valuation and may not be communicated to any third party without our prior agreement.
We are not able to provide valuations for any purpose.

8. We carry insurance against standard risks including fire and theft. In the unlikely event that a claim needs to be made, we will determine the valuation of any piece for these purposes in good faith together with our insurers. We cannot accept liability for any loss, direct, indirect or consequential, above the amount of such valuation. Nothing in these terms is intended to exclude liability in respect of death or personal injury.

9. These terms are to be interpreted under English law and the courts of England will have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes relating to them.


Broughton Restorations

Restorers and conservators of the finest English antique furniture.


Telephone: 01367 242009

Email: enquiries@broughtonrestorations.co.uk

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